I was so proud of myself for figuring out the whole RSS feed/automatic twitter getter, and then WordPress went and created a widget for it last week. What use am I now?!

Update** Except the widget doesn’t work because twitter is set to permanent Fail Whale mode.


Just Because.


I saw this blog post elsewhere and thought I would participate. You’re supposed to list 30 random songs from your iPod, with a short explanation about them. Don’t worry, I’m only doing ten.

Rock Me Now – Metric: I have to admit I haven’t listened to this song before! My friend gave me a disc full of half a zillion songs. I have yet to enjoy them all. Thanks, Jess!

Love Isn’t Easy – ABBA: Oh, ABBA. I do love you, and contrary to your song title, it is easy. I was a little late to the ABBA game. I never fully understood the appeal. Then suddenly, something clicked in my brain (or was it the rum?) and I realized a new infatuation was blossoming.

If You Don’t, Don’t: Jimmy Eat World: This song reminds me of college and my cousin, Quint. He purchased this album for me on my birthday and then proceeded to make fun of me incessantly while I listened to the album for 3 months non-stop.

In the Ghetto – Elvis: Every time I hear this song I start singing it in Eric Cartman’s voice. South Park forever changed my perception of poverty. It’s hil-ar-i-ous.

Bartender – Regina Spektor: I think she is one of the coolest people alive. ‘Nuff said.

You’re So Good to Me – The Beach Boys: The Beach Boys and I go way back. My all time favorite song in the history of Trish’s universe is “Don’t Worry Baby”. I grew up on oldies and have always cherished anything by this band.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing – Jack Johnson: This song always puts me in a mellow mood. All I want to do is walk around barefoot, drink out of coconuts and pretend I know something about surfing.

Set Yourself on Fire – Stars: Jess introduced me to this band too. For some reason it reminds me of staying up too late.

Monkey Gone to Heaven – The Pixies: Who doesn’t like this band? If you raised your hand, you’re banished from Earth.

Grace Kelly – Mika: This is a great song when you’re driving in the car all alone. You can blast it and wail. Some of my favorite memories involve solo car rides.



I hope it stops soon.

I don’t know how much longer I can handle shake-ups. Good people with years of service, loyalty and experience are being let go. So far numerous family members, associates and friends have all been affected.

Although I have no doubt they’ll make it through the s**t parade (which it seems someone has set fire to) I’m having a difficult time being a bystander knowing their struggle yet unable to help.

So, I think it’s time to dust off the brown ribbons. I’m resurrecting the F.E.C.E.S Club.



I recently picked up the “The Hobbit” for my bedtime reading material. Normally, this type of book just ain’t my thang, but so far, I’m really enjoying it. I wanted to read it after becoming totally geeked out watching Lord of the Rings on our new HDTV. Frodo’s lego-neck has never looked more crisp.

However, Gollum’s fish gut snack, I could’ve done without.

Thing is, I don’t like to do anything half-way. After the movie I had this insatiable craving to attend the renaissance faire (never been), draw unicorns all day (only once) and drink mead (huzzah!). I even asked my boyfriend if he would show me how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Needless to say, he nearly passed out just from witnessing my immediate ascent into the realm of “Ultimate Girlfriend”.

I’m assuming this will be one of my many personal passing fads (ahem: knitting, dollhouse building, gardening, welding, cross-stitching, and cage fighting). Furthermore, I thoroughly disliked “The Last Unicorn” and will never understand the mass appeal of Star Trek. My foundation for obsessiveness is crumbling as I type.

So, although I’m pale enough to pull off the geeky look, I’m much too fickle to stick with it. Yet, I seem to get made fun of just the same…


Things I Do Poorly.


Open CD Cases – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been laughed at by people watching me try to unwrap a brand-new CD. This is part of the reason I love iTunes so much, NO WRAPPER. My ego stays in tact and I can enjoy my music (or hypnotherapy, faithful readers).

Diet – I’m completely gung-ho the first day. I’ve bought all the right foods and have planned my meals and workout schedules for the week. I even pick out what I’m going to buy once I reach my goal. However, by day three, I’ve completely lost it. Cranky and tired I will thrash you if you look at me weird or make fun of me for opening CD cases wrong. By the time day four comes along, any money that was to be spent at the mall has now purchased guacamole and margaritas. I always lose my sanity quicker than the pounds.

Velcro My Lunch Bag – I can never keep my lunch bag closed. For some reason I’m unable to align the hooks and magic cloth so it grips properly. If in Tucson, the entire purpose of an insulated lunch bag is lost. I might as well keep my food under a hand dryer.

Wear Clothes – Someone pointed out to me yesterday that I’m supposed to cut the string on my trench coat that holds two panels together in the back. I thought the tulip butt look was something fashionable. It’s not.

Twitter – I like Twitter. I think it’s a great idea and easy to use. However, no matter how easy, I’ll still find a way to mess it up. I can never keep straight when I’m supposed to “reply-to” or “direct message” someone. There have even been times I mean to reply and I end up posting something completely random (usually every other day). Yesterday I caught myself before I sent the words “Blue dong lover” to an additional five (nice) people that wouldn’t be in on the joke. My clumsy fingers and easily confused brain have caused me much embarrassment.

Mountain Biking – I cry.

Make Good Decisions – Take this blog, for example.

I’m Boring.


It’s very hard to blog about events if there aren’t any points of conflict in my life. Of course, I’m not asking for any either. I’m also guessing you probably don’t want to read about my electric bill mishap, my dog’s refusal to have her teeth brushed or the fancy new nail polish I bought (Tiffany Blue!). So, for the time being, I’ll stick with the work theme.

I miss my pajamas.
I completely loathed staying at home all day, but I do miss wearing tattered pajamas for long stretches of time. Never again will I underestimate the appeal and comfort of an elastic waistband. Flannel: You will not be forgotten and forever hold a special place in my heart. However, this site (click here) gives me hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Other things I miss? Forgetting what time the sun rises. Eating lunch at 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m…..in the same day. Not driving in rush hour. And of course, my best friend, the snooze button.

However, I don’t miss the boredom, lack of paycheck, limited social interaction and the overall feeling of being a complete sloth. In fact, I’m still cleaning the moss off my back.

I’m getting back into the swing of things though, and am very happy. So far I really enjoy my new job and co-workers (and am quickly becoming acquainted with the vending machine).

Onward and upward!