It started out as a romantic, belated birthday retreat, but culminated with a new exciting chapter in my life. This weekend, Graeme and I spent a day at Starr Pass Resort, living it up and indulging ourselves in their amazing amenities. After a relaxing (and at times, not-so-relaxing) massage in the local spa, we had a delicious and perfect dinner at one of their restaurants.

From start to finish the day was incredible (yes, even with the record-breaking 109 temperatures).  After dinner we headed up to our room where upon entering I noticed a bottle of champagne was waiting for us.

“Yay! Birthday champagne!”

It wouldn’t be a day with Trish if I didn’t jump to conclusions. Graeme smiled, pulled a box from his pocket and said, “No, I ordered the champagne because I would like to-”

*SQUEAL* jumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjump

(Apparently, conclusions aren’t the only thing I jump to)

He didn’t have to finish his sentence and I didn’t have to speak human. We both knew what the other meant.

So Graeme and I are officially betrothed, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll post more details soon (rings, photos, ideas, frustrations, and additional incorrect conclusions), but for now I’m enjoying our moment.


5 thoughts on “Bliss.

  1. I love your jumping conclusions. I’m terrible at keeping secret for long and you have an uncanny ability to jump to the correct conclusion. I’m just happy I was able to keep you in the dark about this…. love you!

  2. Crystal

    wait – was this your FIRST massage????

    again – I almost cry thinking about how beautiful you both are. What luck to have found each other.

  3. cranewebdesign

    Wow, you found a true romantic ! I am jealous and happy for you at the same time. Please live happily ever after and I’ll be a believer again.

    Best wishes for you both. Ps. Remind me to tell you about the most romantic true story I know…


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