More Fairs!


This time, of the bridal variety.

I didn’t think I would enjoy these type of events, however, free cake can motivate me to do just about anything. I’m not a fan of pushy crowds or pushy salespeople, but red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting? Yes, please! And: No, I wasn’t at this cake booth earlier. Yes, please!

I have to say though, if it weren’t for Jenny (who should legally change her name to Fantabulous), I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. Having someone who shares the same level of enthusiasm for my wedding day as I do, has been a great experience.

She carries my heavy bags filled with flyers and magazines, offers helpful advice coveted by random strangers, and zips my back fat into dresses without complaint. There should be a medal made for her display of valor (but I don’t know when the next medal fair swings into Tucson).

Thanks to her assistance I won a bartending gift set, $500 coupon for a photobooth, and a $500 dress. Woot. Woot. And WOOT! If my wedding day goes half as smoothly as the planning, Bridezilla’s reign will be kept at bay.

Thank you, Cake. Thank you, Free Dress. Thank you, Maid of Honor (i.e. Made/Maid of Kick-Assery).